What are School-Based Health Centers?

SBHCs - Essential Community Providers with a track record of delivering services that keep children healthy, in school, and ready to learn.

Group of Students Walking in a School Hallway

Thousands of school-aged children in New York State have limited access to comprehensive health services because of financial, geographical and other barriers to care. School-based health centers (SBHCs) are the first line of defense for kids' health.

SBHCs bring vital health services to students where they are ??in school. Numerous studies show that SBHCs increase access to health care for minority youth, improve school attendance and performance, reduce emergency room visits, prevent unnecessary hospitalizations, and lower total annual Medicaid expenditures. SBHCs bring comprehensive primary care services to the place where children and youth are during the day and address critical health problems that make it difficult for students to learn.

SHBC's also provides sex education for high school students in an effort to educate and prevent the rise of STD's in the NYC area.

SBHCs offer a wide range of services to children and teens in the community including medical care, counseling, and health education. Some sites provide dental health services too. The centers are staffed by qualified medical staff and mental health professionals.

By making comprehensive health care available to students, youth can stay healthym ready to learn and reach their full potential.

There are currently 220 SBHCs throughout New York State in rural, suburban, and urban areas.??Nearly 200,000 students are served in SBHCs throughout the state.

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